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We are working with many foundations, it is very difficult to work with others and we cannot decide, so I always wanted to have our own foundation, but the problem was how to register the foundation, how many members to get, then what to name the foundation. At the same time, the brochure of Seva Foundation Akola appeared in the paper, in which the name of your lawyer, Mr. Gaurav Katekar, called and met him, told him about my foundation, and after that, I did not meet Gaurav sir. No, after a year I met Gaurav Katekar sir again in Navratri, he asked if the foundation was registered, I told him no, because he was aware of the nature of the work through his tetus, he told me to register the foundation, then I went to his office and gave him the document and the name was also Gaurav. Sir has suggested and in just fifteen days we got the registration and started working.

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We are on a relentless journey to create a better world, and we need passionate individuals like you to join us in this inspiring endeavor.

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